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"Dawna The Dead is so wrong on so many levels, that it actually achieves high art in cinema. Plus, there is simply nothing sexier than something you shouldn't be seeing."

- Dave Navarro, Inkmaster


"I love the grainy film look and dark backlighting. The plot was just enough to propel the scenes and the zombies were very effective. the makeup and gore effects were great. I dig the sort of Creepshow soundtrack melody too. the zombie agression kept a tension going so that it didn't get slow. all around, I think this is a quality film and I would think that alot of weirdos like myself would dig it."

- Count Lyle, Ghoultown


Dawna The Dead crosses the line, runs over it and lights it on fire. A balls to the wall, gonzo-raunch ride into the sexiest guts of grindhouse hell...”

-Corpsey, Girls And Corpses


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